Tickets SYLVIE KREUSCH,  in Berlin

Tickets für SYLVIE KREUSCH 09.12.24 in Berlin, Gretchen

Montag 09.12.24
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Gretchen, Obentrautstraße 19-21, 10963 Berlin

Tickets – SYLVIE KREUSCH Berlin


Ghent-based artist Sylvie Kreusch is rapidly rising as one of the most impressive and electrifying performers in Europe. 
Her trail-blazing music and visuals already turned many heads in the fields of music, film and fashion. 
Kreusch is known for her brutal, expressive lyricism and keen ear for both experimental and pop stylistics.

During the past decade, Kreusch made her first waves playing in Belgium with art rockers Soldier’s Heart and Warhaus, the solo-project of Balthazar’s Maarten Devoldere. After releasing her debut EP BADA BING! BADA BOOM!, her artistic vision prospered fully in 2021 on her riveting critically acclaimed full-length debut album, Montbray. 

On her breakthrough album Montbray, Sylvie Kreusch illustrated heartbreak with the suspense and thrill of a spy thriller. To say the Belgian artist has a flair for the dramatics would be a severe understatement. Wherever Sylvie sets foot, superlatives tend to chase her like a trail of fire. During her tenure touring Montbray, she prowled on stage like a crimson-clad international woman of mystery, a being of pure celluloid who somehow found passageway into our tangible world. 

But once upon a time… there was a girl dreaming in her grandmother’s attic, her starry eyes fully immersed in a collection of vintage comic books. These bright, fantastical tales were a younger Sylvie’s gateway to a magical place, far from the daily toils of reality. Each turn of the page stirred her with pure wonder, possibility and excitement.

It’s these big bold emotions that serve as the main conductor for Sylvie Kreusch’s adventurous upcoming new album. She abandons her lofty tenure as Belgium’s specter of the night, trading in her raging red locks for a dashing blonde. Finally in the driver’s seat with her lover sitting shotgun, she embarks on a horizon-chasing voyage where all fruits of life are savored and surveyed with wide eyes and luscious lips.