Tickets An Evening with Fleurie (solo),  in Berlin

Tickets für An Evening with Fleurie (solo) 16.10.22 in Berlin, Frannz Club

Sonntag 16.10.22
Einlass: 19:00, Beginn: 20:00
Frannz Club, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin

Tickets – An Evening with Fleurie (solo) Berlin


“I just woke up from the wildest dream.

I was a girl from Osaka, I was Japanese

And in the dream I was seventeen

When I moved to Los Angeles to find my wings

And the craziest thing

Is that today it feels like life is just

A faded fantasy…

So I’m gonna try to remember everything

And write it down for anybody listening…”

Greetings from Supertropicali; a world, an era, a story unfolding, all stitched together in 90’s nostalgia, romance, youthful hope and belonging. It’s Alice in Wonderland where the rabbit hole spits you out in Los Angeles, narrated by Marie Antoinette. It’s glitter, pastels, cake and candidness. At the helm is Nashville’s Fleurie who, with this latest project, bridges her lifelong passion for whimsical storytelling with her musical experience and success in Film & TV songwriting to create an immersive new world for her fans; one where everyone belongs and the dreams have no limits.


Fleurie’s story is nothing without serendipity – the idea that what is meant for you will always find you, at the right time and place. From moving to Nashville on a whim to signing her publishing deal resulting in hundreds of sync placements to-date including but not limited to trailers for Riot Games League of Legends, Black Beauty, Homeland, Apple TV+ to inclusions in episodes of Love Island, World of Dance, America’s Got Talent, Grey’s Anatomy, and Shadowhunters, Fleurie credits much to serendipity and encourages others to trust their instincts, take what they’re given and run with it. It’s this mindset combined with her talent and drive that’s paved her musical journey with US Top 40 hits, 700,000 cumulative followers, 20+ billion streams, live support for NF, SMYL, Greyson Chance, Roo Panes, Owl City, Colony House and Snow Patrol.


A small town in Michigan is where Fleurie first began cutting her teeth as both a musician and entrepreneur, performing at her local church on weekends and selling her homemade crafts to friends and teachers at school. Her interest in music took her to Australia where she studied at a local college in Sydney, honing her craft and inspiring her first original songs. It was here she began flushing out the words and chords for what would later become her first EP release, Fear and Fable (2013) followed by Arrows (2015) and her breakthrough LP, Love and War (2018), a compilation of her successful and most synced cinematic pop hits including Hurts Like Hell, Soldier and Sirens.


Fast forward to Spring of 2018, Fleurie and some close Nashville-based friends and collaborators came together to write what would later become her Portals LP; another-worldly Alternative Pop record and breakout from what TV/Film fans may have seen and heard before. Always keeping fans on their toes, Fleurie toured this record for her first time ever through China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands and Germany. Not shortly after the release of the Portals Deluxe in 2019, her made-for-sync cover track of Linkin Park’s “In The End” (Mellin Gi Remix) created alongside producer Tommee Profitt organically began to like wildfire around the world breaking US Top 40 and a combined 20 billion streams/sales (including 100 million views a day on TikTok and 2.2 billion all-time views on Youtube), all obtained without a label.